Soulblight exceeds Kickstarter goal

Finally, an action RPG that encourages gluttony and drinking.

Soulblight’s publisher PlayWay have exceeded their goal of CA$15,000 (about £8,700), and the game is now set to release in January 2018.  Backers contributing about £4.60 can expect access to the demo on steam in the coming weeks.

The developers feel a certain nostalgia for pen and paper RPGs, and wanted to recreate their experiences in Soulblight.

Back then, gaining XP and levelling up was only part of the fun.  The thing we were most excited about was actual role-playing.

To achieve this, the game takes a different approach to most ARPGs, with role playing having more of an effect than the numbers on your character sheet.  Being sober as an alcoholic character may prove unbearable, and will lower your stats until you can get that next much needed hit of alcohol. Not into drinking?  No problem, why not be greedy instead, and gain strength as you gain wealth.

Though the Kickstarter target has already been reached, if you want early access to the alpha build of the game, or the upcoming demo, head over to Soulblight’s Kickstart page.