Defend the Cake launches on steam

The most delicious of all tower defence games.

Defend the Cake is set amidst a bright, cheery, island kingdom of enticing desserts. Eggperor Shellmane has baked a castle full of desserts to share with his kingdom, but a variety of thieving bugs each want the cakes for themselves. Defend your Cake by building walls made of toast and a variety of delicious defences during the day, then when night comes around, protect your cake castle against swarms of ants and other hungry bugs.

Naomi Yee, Founder and Creative Designer of Defend The Cake, LLC, says of her inspiration for the game:

“I had some ideas for a fantastical food-themed world with castles made out of cake, and Justin, Technical Designer, had ideas he wanted to explore for a more strategic tower defence game that focused on mazing as a core mechanic.”

Therefore, the game is aimed at all ages, with a whimsical, approachable art style; yet also requiring strategic thinking in building and customising your defences.  For the more competitive, there is also a score attack mode, in which your cake is under assault against infinitely escalating waves of bugs.

You can dig in buy purchasing the game on Steam for £3.99, or for more sweet stuff check out the Defend The Cake site.