Dungeons and Treasure VR is the perfect roguelike for Vive

Combat and exploration to be had in this VR roguelike.

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We’ve seen a plethora of VR games over the past year as developers learn how to implement VR support into their games, and many new combinations have been invented. One in particular is Dungeons and Treasure, a classic roguelike dungeon crawler.

Dungeons and Treasure is a voxel based endless dungeon runner that was released yesterday. The game gives you a chance to experience over 140  items like crossbows, swords, shields all with their own stats. Each level is procedural creating infinite replayability.

The key feature however is that the game offers you all four types of locomotion possible when playing VR which is a first considering how difficult it is to pull off. You can get Dungeons and Treasure VR on Steam.