Binding of Isaac on sale for a mere 80p

Critically acclaimed RPG shooter is super cheap.

The Binding of Isaac has become a cult hit with its latest release The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth accumulating overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam – however if you want a taste of this amazing roguelike franchise but simply don’t have the cash then you’re in luck.

The original Binding of Isaac is on sale and only costs 80p (or $1). The Binding of Isaac is centered around Isaac, a child who escapes his mother after she heard voices from god. The game features procedural levels, 100 items, 20 bosses and more. If you have an extra 19p you can go for The Binding of Isaac collection (usually £5) which gives you the DLC Wrath of the Lamb adding an plethora of content including 100 items, six new rooms, 15 new bosses and more!

You can grab The Binding of Isaac plus its DLC here.