Echoed World released for free on Steam

A short, yet sweet puzzle based platformer that’s worth your time.

Though Echoed World was originally created by developer Team DOTS, the game is fully playable and provides stunning visuals that would almost be at home on a console platformer.

Echoed World is a charming puzzle platformer, where mechanics and a story are bound together. Experience the epic journey of Algiz, the architect of life as he puruses Tyr, who stole his power to create life. But not only has your power been stolen. The whole world you designed is on a brink of destruction.

It’s hard to believe while playing, but Echoed World was created by a team with no previous experience of game development.  The developer’s main goal is to show, what can be achieved with a group of talented, yet inexperienced people in a relatively short amount of time.

Pick up your free copy on the Echoed World steam page.