Defenders of Ekron PS4 release

Shoot ’em up, dungeon crawler, bullet hell adventure game?  All of the above.

Defenders of Ekron, from developer Invitro Games, is a game that brings back the challenge of old-school videogames with a modern twist, combining bullet hell with dungeons and puzzles. The main features are 360° shooting range, different and combinable combat modes to adjust to several game styles, unique and vast scenarios to explore with an analysis and navigation modes, upgradable skills and more than 50 training missions.

The buddy system allows a friend to help you take down some of the more intense bosses, or, to use as a meat shield for a small reprieve from the endless tide of bullets aimed your way.

This unique combination of genres provides a different and fresh gameplay.  Having received very positive reviews on Steam since its launch in August 2017, Defenders of Ekron has now been ported across to PS4.  You can pick up a copy for your chosen platform either on Defenders of Ekron’s Steam page or the Playstation store.