Tiny Metal available to pre-order on Steam

Worldwide release date set for Steam, PS4 and Switch.

Despite the name, Tiny Metal seems to be a pretty big game.  With a campaign mode spanning 20 hours of game time, and a new game+ option for completionists, skirmish modes and a collection of 15 different units to command, Tiny Metal offers plenty of replayability.

Free updates are planned for the future of Tiny Metal, including online and local 1v1 multiplayer coming in the first patch.  Gameplay is a turn based strategy game, with heavy focus on flanking and advanced positioning techniques, making strategical movement paramount to success.

From the developer, Area 35:

Wanting to realize the true potential of Japanese strategy war games, the veteran Japanese game developers of AREA 35 came together to make TINY METAL in late 2015. They dreamed of a project harkening back to the golden age of Japanese video games with gameplay first and a memorable story. Despite a tough start with a failed Kickstarter campaign, the small team found investors and redoubled their efforts. Through passion, plus enthusiasm, the team has developed TINY METAL to the game it is today.

Check out the trailer below.  If you’re as much of a strategy game nerd as I am, you’ll want to get your Steam pre-order in ready for release on 21 December. PS4 and Switch players will however need to pick it up on release.