The Ballad Singer on Kickstarter

Choose your own adventure RPG with over 40 endings.

the ballad singer screenshot

The Ballad Singer from Curtel Games is a narrative tale, strongly affected by players choices in the story.  Remember those choose your own adventure books when you were young?  You’d get to a difficult choice, put a bookmark in and go back there when you inevitably died.  The Ballad Singer plays in much the same way, without the cheating, as the game auto saves with each decision you make.

The story is accompanied by beautiful graphical backdrops, and the GUI is presented in an enthralling manner.  Depth and replayability are the main draw of The Ballad Singer.  Over 600 decisions are thrust open the player, with each one making final, story changing consequences.  As such, death in The Ballad Singer is final.  Starting a new play through with a new character is bound to offer a different experience.

The Ballad Singer has already hit £14,535 of its £22,000 goal on Kickstarter.  Supporters pledging £16 or more receive a digital copy of the game, allowing with other rewards.