Polygod to be released early 2018

Roguelike first person shooter launching on Switch, Xbox One and Steam.

Like all roguelike games, Polygod boasts randomly generated maps, however to encourage competitive play between players, each procedural map can be shared with friends.  Again, like other roguelikes, players of Polygod can expect a challenging, steep learning curve, however developers Krafted Games boast a brutal difficulty curve, where only the best, most skilled players will master Polygod.

A customisation system for the weapons available in Polygod offers a deep customisation system, allowing hundreds of thousands of possible unique weapons.  Take the fight online in co-op and verses multiplayer modes, with a daily leader board system.

Says Dominic Obojkovits, co-founder, Lead Designer & Programmer at Krafted Games:

Polygod has been designed for hardcore gamers who love challenging game experiences like Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls and Cuphead.  With a different gameplay experience every time, the randomly generated levels will challenge even the most hardcore of the hardcore! We’ve implemented an unexpectedly deep level of weapon customisation and progression within the gameplay and believe gamers will find elements to keep them coming back for just one more run, over and over again!

Polygod is already available as an early access game on Steam for £6.99 (about $9.50).  The full game will be released worldwide for Steam, Switch and Xbox One in early 2018 for £16.19 / $14.99.  Check out Krafted Games for more.