0°N 0°W teased and trailed in teaser trailer

Lucid dreams abound in abstract indie game.

A nightmare of epic proportions when it comes to writing its name in an article, 0°N 0°W (which will henceforth be known as 0N0W for the sake of our poor keyboards), has been teased today in a new video.

Due for release some time early in 2018, 0N0W is “a first-person surreal exploration adventure of visual auditory stimuli.” Continues the Steam page:

Experience entirely non-linear gameplay in an awe-inspiring open world where everything you see is accessible. There are no barriers or invisible walls to block your curiosity; walk to the very edge of the world, and see what happens…

It’s a game of colours, shapes and dreamscapes; of wandering and looking and listening. Think Proteus. Think Windows Media Player visualisations, but with walking and jumping.

Developers Colorfiction say they work “amidst the primeval misty forests of New England, where deer, raccoons, suburbanites and witches dwell alike in somewhat bucolic communion among forgotten farmlands riddled with undulating ancient rock walls.” Sounds like a nice office.

Here’s the Steam page.

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