World Apart – a new episodic VR adventure announced

Question what is real and whether your memories are really your own.

World Apart is an episodic VR adventure game for PC that draws the player into a worldwide conspiracy, spanning eons of human history by Windfall Studios.

Have you ever remembered something that never happened? False memories seem to be everywhere. You remember one thing, but the reports say something different. Assassinations, war, presidential elections – they all happened but not the way you remember them. The collective recall has changed, and we need to know why.

Each episode of World Apart will be set in a new world, with fully interactive environments.  Apparently, six episodes in total will be released, with each offering at least 30 minutes of gamplay.  There’s no word on pricing yet, but, immersive as it may be, I’m not sure that’ll be enough to part people from their cash.

The first episode of World Apart will be released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality in early 2018.  We’ll let you know when there’s a more specific launch date. For now, check out the World Apart Steam page, or the official World Apart website.