Loot Box Quest drops onto Steam with 15% off

A clicker game simulating the much hated loot box generation. 

Loot Box Quest was made as part of a make-a-game-and-publish-it-in-a-week challenge devised by the Seattle Indies Workshop.  The aim of the game, much like that of a particular large gaming company that shan’t be named (you know what I’m talking bout), is to watch your income raise exponentially.

The game provides a few laughs and pokes fun at the current generation of gaming, and you start out as someone with a passion for creating great games, until you come to realise that there’s more money in simply enticing players with flashy loot boxes until they’ve spent all their pocket money. The gameplay consisting mainly of clicking.  So much so, that there is a Steam achievement rewarded for simply clicking enough times to probably bring on the early stages of arthritis.

To celebrate the release, you can pick up Loot Box Quest on Steam with 15% off, for a mere 67p.  That’s cheaper than an actual loot box, and arguably more fun.