Genetic Disaster gets full release on Steam

Huge weapons and crazy genetic abnormalities abound in this co-op roguelike.

In this cooperative rogue like from 1 to 4 players, you can play online or in local mode to animate your Saturday nights with your friends.

With a colorful environment and weapons bigger than your characters you will be immersed in a world full of creatures as evil as intelligent. You will have to upgrade your character to survive and go kick some mean bosses’ ass.

Your goal? Escape from the manor of the mad scientist and its 10 procedural levels. Cooperation will be the key element to your success, but may also be the path to losing: between shared resources, unique improvements and friends’ fire shots, your chances to get out alive are quite thin.

There are four different playable classes in Genetic Disaster, with procedurally generated levels to keep gameplay fresh.  With more than 65 different weapons, you’ll have plenty of options with which to tear your way through the ten levels of the manor.

Say the developers, Team 8:

Because we are also gamers, we take pleasure in imagining and developing what we have always missed; these games where one wears the princess on his back while the other distracts the dragon, combining one’s efforts with the other players by pushing them into the void to check the depth of the abyss before fighting back to back in a gladiator arena; that’s our vision.

You can pick up Genetic Disaster on Steam now for £15.49 ($20.65).