Chronicle X board game reaches Kickstarter goal in under an hour

The Kickstarter campaign shows no signs of dying down with new stretch goals added.

Chronicle X a 2-7 player tactical board game featuring 34 ultra-detailed Unicast miniatures. One player takes on the role of the dreaded Overmind, high leader of an army of alien invaders , while the remaining players field members of Chronicle X, a diverse group of skilled individuals determined to save the Earth. The Chronicle X players may use raw materials they earn from missions to upgrade their base, unlocking new passives and abilities as well as allowing them to craft superior weapons and equipment. Meanwhile, the strength of Overmind player’s forces grows across the world as the campaign progresses, allowing them to field more powerful and deadly alien soldiers and creatures.

The story of Chronicle X begins after humanity has lost control of the Earth. The Grays, an alien species of spies and assassins, crippled the world’s governments, militaries and infrastructure before striking a decisive blow in the form of a full-scale invasion across the planet. All that remains to challenge the Grays is a small group of soldiers, scientists and terrorists known as Chronicle X. Can Chronicle X push back this alien onslaught and save humanity, or will the Grays’ tighten their grasp and Earth be lost forever?

Incredibly, developers Archon Studio smashed their goal of £30,000 in under an hour. That’s one of the fastest Kickstarter campaigns there’s ever been. The pledge total for the campaign is currently at £160,000 ($214,000), with 22 stretch goals unlocked, including 16 new miniatures. Two of those miniatures are not exactly miniature, instead, gigantic monstrosities more than twice the size of the regular figures. New item, mission and base cards have also been unlocked as well as the much-requested solo/cooperative mode. There are still plenty of stretch goals to unlock, including the massive Slipsteel Sentry miniature.

You can still pledge your support for this insanely anticipated game on the Chronicle X Kickstarter page.  You’ll need to pledge £74 ($99) or more to receive the base Chronicle X game, a variety of miniatures plus all of the stretch goals (there are a lot).