Nemesis Realms hits Steam early access soon

Play as the boss or hero in the VR party fighting game.

Nemesis Realms is a local fighting party game played with up to 5 people, one of which takes on the role of a huge boss monster in VR while the other gamers play as smaller hero characters on regular controllers, working together to take down the boss. Launching in Early Access, Nemesis Realms features two very distinct stages available at launch, each with a unique hero-boss pairing, different gameplay mechanics and new environments.

Two stages will be available at Early Access launch, the first of which features a fantasy mountaintop with a lake and waterfalls. Using straightforward VR mechanics, the boss must punch and smack the heroes, while the nimble 3D heroes hack and slash at the boss using ranged attacks and agile, real time combat tactics.

Nemesis Realms

The second stage is located inside an old, dark cathedral, wherein the VR player takes control of a three-headed dragon, each with unique attributes, which the player can use to destroy the environment and perform close combat attacks. The heroes in this stage move with combination of 2D platformer mechanics and action combat, dashing and diving to avoid the deadly heads while performing close and ranged attacks to bring down the beast.

Developers Evocat Games say of their decision to launch in early access:

“We believe that the best experiences are developed with the community involved. We want to balance the game according to the community feedback. If there is a feature heavily requested by the community, we will add it to the game.”

You’ll be able to purchase the early access version of Nemesis Realms on Steam from the 22nd of January.  The developers haven’t released any information on pricing yet, but they have stated that the early access version will be half the price of the full game.