Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition now on iOS

Intuitive sandbox inspires coding.

Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition is an inventive new sandbox game which aims to inspire players to get into coding.  The coding is not only in depth and powerful, but also very intuitive and easy to use.  The visual interface allows you to drag and drop code into sequence.  Procedures can be created that enemies in the game will follow, allowing incredible depth of customisation and content creation not seen before in a mobile app.

You could, for example, set an event whenever a particular enemy spots you, a loop is triggered, causing them to attack you until one of you dies.  You can instead, if you’re feeling cruel, program the enemy to throw hundreds of spells at you all at once.  You can not only craft your own levels with your own unique rules, but entirely new platform game experiences.

Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition

As well as arranging code, you construct your own level by simply placing blocks and other objects into your level.  Once you’ve finished building and programming your level, you can share it with the community for everyone to enjoy.  Even people who don’t have a copy of the game can play on the web player.  Here’s an example level of Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition that you can play.

Thibault Louis-Lucas, founder of developer Dreamz Sudio says of the game:

“Programming can be a daunting skill to learn, but we don’t believe it needs to be. It can actually be a lot of fun to figure out the logic of how things work, and see your creations come to life. We wanted to make Crazy Dreamz as an inclusive, inspiring, accessible way to get into an awesome creative field.”

Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition is available on iOS from today, completely free.  You can also download Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition for Android.  Or, if you prefer to play on PC, you can get Crazy Dreamz MagiCats Edition for Steam.  Being free to play across all platforms and accessible to anyone, this is sure to provide a positive helping hand into coding.

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