Slice, Dice & Rice slashing onto PS4

Cut your opponents in half instead of their life bars.

The new unique fighter Slice, Dice & Rice from developer Dojo Games lacks something found in almost all other beat ’em ups – health bars.

Instead of gradually chipping away at a health bar then finally taking your opponent down with a light kick to the ankle, every hit in Slice, Dice & Rice matters. A single wound can end your life, and even if you take a non-fatal hit, you’ll find that your movement could be impaired.

You’ll need to parry your opponents attack to avoid getting your innards removed, and time your own attacks in order to find an opening in your opponents defence. Instead of a long list of combos to remember, there are an intuitive set of basic abilities and move-lists that still require strategic game play.  Each of the eight playable characters also have their own fighting styles.

Slice, Dice & Rice 2

The game has comic book-like stylised graphics, and offers six unique stages to battle in, each one a different version of the Japanese underground. The combat is bloody and violent, with a fatal hit being immediately obvious.

Slice, Dice & Rice originally launched on Steam in April last year, where it currently has mixed reviews.  This mostly appears to be due to the lack of an online multiplayer mode, with only local multiplayer available.  The PS4 version will launch on the 14th of February.  We’ve contacted the developer inquiring whether this feature will find it’s way to the new console release, and we’ll let you know the outcome.