Innocent VR out now on Steam

The virtual reality puzzler launches with a 10% discount.

Filled with plenty of dedicated puzzle to solve and environment to explore, Innocent VR designed for the core puzzle solving gamer. Players will encounter various complicated puzzles while they are seeking the truth during the journey of adventure. While player is stuck, they need to observe the surrounding and use the props around, or they could ask for help from their partner Pepe . This little robot will give some hints at critical moment in case they get lost in the chaos.

Game Producer Qu QiLong from developer NineD Digital says of the game:

“Most of time natural disasters are caused by the lack of environmental awarenesss. We Learned from movies or books that environmental destruction would result in disasters which could devastate entire earth overnight. However, most of time we can’t possibly understand without experiencing it ourselves, and Virtual Reality makes it possible. Innocent VR aims at awaken people’s environmental awareness so that they could voluntarily care for the environment. Combined with virtual reality technology, you can fully immerse yourself in doomsday scenarios realistically where the fate of humanity rests solely on you. “

For better game experience, Innocent VR attempts to create an distinctive game interaction. With the design of using hand tracking to intuitively operate in game objects and solve puzzle, players can experience a simplified gameplay with totally immersion. You even could have chance to experience thrilling things you otherwise would not dare to do in real life, like climb snow capped mountains and slide through incredible caverns.

You can purchase Innocent VR on Steam from today with a 10% discount (until the 19th of March) for £6.47, about ($9).