Surgeon Simulator dev ‘gives Trump the finger’ with charity campaign

Bossa to donate 100% of revenue to charity during the President’s UK visit.

Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios will donate to charity 100% of the revenue it generates during US President Donald Trump’s controversial visit to the UK, it has announced.

The London-based indie studio’s ‘Give Trump The Finger’ campaign was unveiled with the above rather special image this afternoon.

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK to discuss potential trade arrangements has been met with large-scale protests in London and around the country, including the crowdfunded flying of a 20-foot ‘Trump Baby’ on Parliament Square.

“During #TrumpVisitUK, Bossa Studios are giving 100% OF THE REVENUE from Surgeon Simulator sales to a CHARITY of your CHOOSING,” tweeted Bossa, aping Trump’s unorthodox social media style. “Please help us RAISE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE by RT-ing! Let’s make this… YUGE!!”

Surgeon Simulator has been delighting players for years with its irreverent brand of – uh – surgeon simulation. Essentially a sort of bizarre and brilliant digital Operation, it invites players to wrestle with impossibly silly controls while carrying out life-endangering procedures.

We can only imagine what ‘giving Trump the finger’ might mean in these circumstances…

Bossa Studios’ Chet Faliszek, formerly of Valve, was at the Develop Conference in Brighton this week. He didn’t talk to us about Trump specifically, but we will have a full interview with Faliszek soon on The Indie Game Website.