Azure Reflections is making its way to Nintendo Switch

When it rains bullet hell, it really pours.

Sony publishing label Unties Games and indie developer Souvenir Circ. have announced that their vibrant side-scroller Azure Reflections will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch on August 30th.
Choose from three playable characters to annihilate enemies and complete levels with upgradable skills. Each character has their own special ability: hard-hitting spell cards, life-saving barriers or a devastating body slam. Azure Reflections takes the familiar perspective of traditional Touhou Project shooters and turns it on its side for intense horizontal shoot-em-up action.
This edition comes from a long line of Touhou Project games with the the troubled and colourful world of Gensokyo linking them all. In this instalment the humans and supernatural denizens of Gensokyo are brought together to investigate the evil flowing from Scarlet Devil Manor. Can they protect their home from delightfully cruel bosses in this whimsical journey?
John Davis, G&R Representative for Unties Games says of the game: “The Touhou Project has 20 years of history to build on, and Souvenir Circ. has taken advantage of that to create a new adventure in the rich setting of Gensokyo (…) The Souvenir Circ. team has drawn on their years of experience to put together a fresh take on the setting and genre with great customization to help players adapt the characters to their playstyle in pursuit of the highest scores.”
Azure Reflections will be available on Nintendo Switch for the regular price of $24.99 USD. It is currently available on PlayStation 4 at the same price.