Cuphead reaches 3 million copies sold

This cup is triple platinum.

The enormously difficult adventures of this plucky cup have been the talk of the town over the past year, with high rating across the board. The classic run and gun action game garnered praise for its heavy focus on boss battles and it’s 1930s inspired graphics, and It’s not just the critics that have been impressed. Studio MDHR have announced that this attention has translated into plenty of sales, with the game going triple platinum at 3 million copies sold.

As a result of this huge achievement, the studio have put Cuphead on a limited sale for the next few days on Steam and Xbox. In addition to this Studio MDHR have also promised some ‘extra-special giveaways’, so make sure to keep an eye on their Twitter to see what this may entail.

The team at Cuphead announced the game’s DLC at this year’s E3, amusingly titled The Delicious Last Course. While details about the DLC are still a little thin on the ground and we are still yet to see any gameplay, the success of Cuphead is sure to bleed over to this new instalment. We’re excited to see what may be in store.

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