Top 5: The best indie games for Christmas

The best indie games to sink into when you’re bored of your family.

5. Santa & The Zombie Encounter

You might have a hard time playing Santa & The Zombie Encounter this Christmas – it was an Xbox Live Indie Game – but it makes the list of the best indie games for Christmas due to its being a pleasantly silly festive shooter. Top-down squad-based combat is the order of the day here. Even if you can’t play it, you can at least watch 15 minutes of it here, to while away the hours after the Queen’s speech.

4. Krampus

We didn’t expect to be including a survival horror game on the list of the best indie games for Christmas, but, well, here we are. Krampus makes the list not entirely because of its quality, but rather the creative way it melds spine-chilling scares with a genuine Christmas spirit. It’s 50% off on Steam for the Winter sale.

3. Secret Santa

2D stealth-’em-up Secret Santa sees you sneaking into people’s houses to deliver presents, like the lovable benevolent figure he is. But people are suspicious these days, and Santa’s liable to get chased out or, worse, attacked by sleepy homeowners. It’s a pleasant diversion for an hour or two, and it’s under a quid on Steam right now.

2. Christmas Time Heroes

A genuinely entertaining way to spend a few hours, Christmas Time Heroes is a surprisingly deep and engaging run and gun shooter. What’s more, it’s a freebie – so if your wallet’s been stretched a little through Christmas shopping, this one won’t set you back any pennies at all. Download it here.

1. Stargazer Christmas

The original Stargazer was one of the better RPGMaker offerings, and this Christmas-themed spin-off, aptly named Stargazer Christmas, offers perhaps the most complete experience on the list. A whopping 51% off on Steam right now, for just pennies you can delve into a fully fledged RPG with quests to complete, puzzles to solve, and the entire future of Christmas in the balance. Grab it on Steam during the sale!