Shoppe Keep 2 fantasy merchant RPG gets trailer and release date

Trailer and release date unsheathed for Medieval merchant simulator Shoppe Keep 2.

It’s a hard life, being an adventurer in a fantasy RPG. You spend hour upon hour upon hour raiding dungeons, battling bandits, and slaying dragons. Sure, you can make a pretty penny selling the proceeds of your pilfering, but it’s all just so much … effort. But luckily, a solution is at hand. In Shoppe Keep, all you have to do is open a shop, and the adventurers will come to you. You buy what they have for you, and then sell your wares on to other assorted townspeople and wayfarers. As you gradually build up your business and develop a relationship with suppliers, you can outsell the competition and become the best purveyor of arms, armour and magical paraphernalia in town.

Shoppe Keep, produced by Lithuanian developers Strange Fire, was released on Steam in 2016 and then on PS4 a few months ago, and has received mostly positive reviews. Its sequel Shoppe Keep 2 will get early access release on the 26th of April this year. There will be some big new additions to the gameplay, most notably a multiplayer mode where you can jointly build a business and run a shop with a friend. You will also now  be able to leave the safety of your town and venture out into the wilderness as an adventurer yourself, in case you want to source that rare unicorn’s horn or spider’s venom first hand, or just test your weaponry, with new types unlocked as the game progresses.

The original Shoppe Keep was Strange Fire’s debut game and the developers claim to have learned lessons from their first game. The new game will be “Far more polished,” and will have updated visuals and UI, in addition to a larger world to explore and interact with. If you can’t wait to have a go on Shoppe Keep 2 then consider signing up to the closed alpha. Otherwise download Shoppe Keep 1 now on Steam, which is 50% discounted at time of writing. If you like medieval-themed multiplayer games, be sure to also check out Life is Feudal which we covered recently.