Laser League open beta starts soon

Upcoming extreme team gameplay teased in new trailer.

If you haven’t heard of Laser League yet, you’re joining the party at the right time.  It’s a team based futuristic sport action game, where you’ll need split second reactions and an awareness of an entire arena all at once.  We’re pretty excited for this game, in fact, it came first in our Top 10 most anticipated indie games of 2018.

In Laser League you’ll usually be part of a small team, up to four players.  There are a number of different arenas to play in already, and each requires different strategies in order to overwhelm your opponent.  Spawning inside these arenas are laser nodes – touch an inactive node and it’ll create a laser for your team.  Touch the enemy lasers and you’re dead.

Getting killed doesn’t mean you’re out of the game though, your team mates can perform heroic revivals whilst avoiding the enemy lasers.  There are also a number of different power ups that will appear throughout the game, which can have game-changing effects.  If your enemy controls all the lasers, you may get lucky and find a power up to switch control of all the lasers in the arena.

Laser League

There are currently six different classes to choose from, each with a distinct role to play.  If you prefer a more cunning, tactical approach, the Thief class allows you to steal activated enemy lasers.  More aggressive players can pick Blade, who can take enemies down without relying on the lasers, Or Smash, who charges at enemies and knocks them into your lasers for an easy kill.


The open beta for Laser League on Steam begins on Friday the 26th of January until Sunday the 28th.  We recently spoke with the publisher, 505 Games, to ask them about the past, present and future of Laser league.  Check out the full interview here.