JRPG inspired Legrand Legacy is out today

Indonesian studio SEMISOFT releases its award wining first title.

Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) had a golden era back when Final Fantasy VII crowned itself as an all time best in 1997. Indonesian studio SEMISOFT launches today its first title, and an award winning one for that matter, Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds.

It’s a turned based strategy and fantasy game that defines itself as a “love letter to all time favourite JRPGs”, stated in their Kickstarter campaign website that gathered near £45.000, more than 10% over the original financial goal.

Legrand Legacy has every ingredient you’d expect from a game heavily inspired in the Final Fantasy franchise, as well as in Kingdom Hearts and something like Secret of Mana. That includes a story of a young unsuspected and amnesiac hero, an elderly mentor with supernatural abilities and a world conflict that threatens life as they know it.

Legrand Legacy

Our main character, Finn, will be the leader of our party as we explore the world created by SEMISOFT and it’s different regions, each with its own lore and secrets to be unveiled. We will have to get experience to level up and access different parts of the skill tree, which allows a quite flexible customization of character class.

The combination of combat mechanics that anyone who has experience in this genre knows by heart (like random turned based encounters as we traverse the world) with an artstyle that reflects beautifully hand-drawn enviroments will generate a nostalgic feeling, one that’ll maybe make the player forget about finding that “fresh take” that SEMISOFT spoke about.

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds won the “Most Promising Game” award by Game Prime, and was also finalist in the Gaming Pitch Competition (2017) and the Indie Prize (2017). It’s out today on Steam for £10 / €11,50 / $14.