5 Disturbing Games Available on itch.io Right Now

Here are five of itch.io’s most disturbing games that I’ve found and played so you don’t have to!

The cost of gaming turns off many budding gamers, with the average new games console costing around $300. itch.io brings thousands of original games for cheap, or free, to interested gamers looking to join the community. Not only that, it gives the opportunity for new, budding developers to share and improve on their creations.

But while it does pave the way for new and fun games, you can’t expect them all to be sunshine and happiness. With around 16,000 games to choose from, sometimes they can get a little weird, and other times downright disturbing. If you dig into the darkest corners of the site, you may end up seeing something that you can’t unsee.

So here are five of itch.io’s most disturbing games that I’ve found and played so you don’t have to!

For this list, I will be focusing on free or Name Your Own Price games. So be sure to check them out, if you can stomach them.


 5. Humanity Walks into a Bar

I’ll start off by saying that there is a lot to love about this game. The music is cheerful and fun, it’s visually pleasing and the concept is an interesting one. But that doesn’t change how creepy the concept really is.

The game isn’t overly complicated. Basically, you open into a bar, with three colourful people bobbing around. They’ll bounce around the bar until they bang into each other. You can push them closer together by clicking on the floor and causing an explosion (as you do) but mostly you just let them get to it. Once they run into each other, they’ll either create an egg or fight to the death! You can click on the egg if you wish to destroy it, or let it hatch into a new human. As the people are different colours, multiple different combinations can be created. The game ends when you reach one hundred and fifty people. Alternatively, they’ll all kill each other and you’ll end up with one solitary person in the bar, until they die and “Humanity is Over.”


4. Midnight Shift 

This game is a different kind of creepy! You’re a night-time worker in some sort of mannequin storage facility and all you want to do is go home! You must navigate the mazes of your workplace, picking up the keys your boss has conveniently left lying around in dark corners for you to collect.

You move around using your arrow keys in almost complete darkness, occasionally catching a mannequin limb on the counter and finding disturbing notes on your journey. Occasionally a light will flicker giving you a small hint of which was to go (or a nice mannequin will give you a hint), but mostly your journey is trial and error. The limited controls add to the eeriness of the situation, as you can only use your arrow keys but not your mouse to guide your way around.

Presumably made by a very bitter ex-employee, this is certainly not a game to be played by yourself at night.


3. I Woke Up Next to You Again

This game is probably the best example that just because something is disturbing, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play it. Lots of games are disturbing, but can still be great pieces of art or even fun to play.  I Woke Up Next to You Again is that kind of game.

The moment you load this game, the chilling music sends a shiver down your spine! The artwork is haunting, but gorgeous and you can really feel the heart in the story. After having a second one-night stand with a beautiful stranger, you begin to see them everywhere and eventually they suck you into their life. You slowly become obsessed with them as they lead you along, until they have control over you. You get to choose your character’s responses and there are apparently four different endings- but so far none of mine have been very good for the player character! It’s a chilling story about addiction and toxic relationships that will haunt you.


2. White Noise  

The name says it all doesn’t it? This game may seem like a cute little pixel fest of harmless clicks, but the disturbing things that are said will haunt you in your dreams.

There doesn’t appear to be a great deal of explanation about this game. Your stuck in a simple black and white room, with various random objects- including a radio that is constantly hissing static. There aren’t many places you go, but each thing will give you a depressing line of text, like a plant you’ve neglected, a phone with no signal and a creepy painting of a deer. Even the moon is mocking you!

It’s the limited amount of actions that you can take that makes this so disturbing. Every time I load it up I click on a new thing that destroys me in a way I didn’t know about before. There are a lot of surprises in the game and plenty of ways to accidentally die.


1. Human Face Simulator 

I’m one of those pathetic excuses for a human who can’t stand the thought of the human body. Any thought of what we’re really made of makes me shudder in disgust. I prefer to convince myself that we’re filled with pixie dust.

If you too wish to feel like this, then play Human Face Simulator! Here, we have two human heads, controlled by opposite ends of the keyboard. Both faces lunge backwards and then jump forward to bite into each other- like human faces do. It can be played solo, or with a friend you never wish to speak to again!

Granted you don’t see anything overly the gross- but the teeth smashing and the way the skin falls apart had my hiding behind my fingers. The controls take a few tries to get used to, but you probably need that time to emotionally prepare yourself!


With over 16,000 games to pick from, I’m sure there are some very disturbing games that I’ve missed- although I’m almost sure that’s a good thing! If I’ve missed a personal favourite, be sure to leave it in the comments, but I might just take your word that it’s creepier. I certainly need a break from disturbing games after this.