Pendula Swing announced

Adventure puzzler is the first game from new Valiant Game Studio.

Pendulum Swing

Pendula Swing is a single player 3D story-driven adventure that invites you to explore a beautiful hand painted fantasy version of the American Roaring 20’s. Through the eyes of an old Dwarven hero coming out of a solitary retirement, you will discover a glamorous and optimistic society, shadowed by complex social issues between goblins, elves, orcs, humans and dwarves.

The goal of Pendula Swing is to raise awareness on how prejudice and racism affects the everyday lives of people in the physical world, by using fantasy stereotypes. The gameplay is based around challenging social puzzles, which can all be solved in different ways which makes each playthrough unique. You’ll need to speak with the non-player characters to convince them to help you. They will react and treat you differently depending on what you say to them.

The world in Pendula Swing is both lively and open to the player full of items that you can pick up and interact with. Your main goal is to find your legendary axe that was stolen from you.

Pendula Swing is due to be released in 2019. If you would like to be notified of news and beta releases from the developer, check out the official Valiant Game Studio website.