Once Upon a Coma

Pinstripe’s creator raises another hit: Once Upon a Coma

Thomas Brush reached his budget goal of $28,000 in one day on Kickstarter.

After the successful launch of his first Kickstarter funded game Pinstripe on PS4 and Xbox One, the one man team behind Atmos Games, Thomas Brush, has just raised more than 150% of the estimated budget set on his new campaign on the crowdfunding platform. Once Upon a Coma will expand on Brush’s Flash supported side-scrolling adventure Coma.

WIth a shocking $28,000 pledged in just one day, Atmos Games is now ready to start full development of what promises to be another nightmarish puzzle adventure platformer. In this case, the main protagonist will be a little boy named Pete who suddenly wakes up from a coma and finds himself in a world not like the one he remembered. Brush’s style is all over the place with an original soundtrack, a story inspired by directors like Tim Burton, M. Night Shyamalan and Koji Kondo, and a simple but well-defined artstyle.

Within three days of starting his new Kickstarter campaign, Brush has already raised more than $50,000, meaning he’s already committed to adding new original content in order to provide deeper exploring possibilities. “Discover secret rooms, collectables, and wait for it… outfits on your second playthrough!”, can be read on the campaign’s webpage.

Once Upon a Coma

Although his next budget goal is clearly what he’s aiming for now: he promises to develop a Nintendo Switch version of Once Upon a Coma for Nintendo Switch upon reaching the $60,000 dollars mark.

“Pete quickly learns of massive insects, child-eating zombie-parents, other-worldly puzzles, and intricate maze-like forts woven together throughout a large late-summer dreamscape. The same forts Pete and his gang built a year earlier are suddenly larger, stranger, and more dangerous than ever”, added Brush in his new game description.

“With the help of your childhood pals, your pet bird, and your father’s trusty razor blade, it’s up to you to discover the secret of your missing sister and the bizarre world around you. To do this, you must learn various pieces of music written by your sister scattered across the world. Play them on your old piano to unlock secret passageways, clues, and new abilities for traversal across the increasingly threatening landscape”, he completed.

With 24 more days to go, Once Upon a Coma is already a hit in Kickstarter and a new milestone in Brushe’s creative path.