bio inc. redemption

Bio Inc. Redemption released on Steam

Heal your patients, or concoct diseases to kill them.

bio inc. redemption

DryGin Studios brings us Bio Inc. Redemption, a frighteningly realistic life-or-death medical simulator. The game has been released today on Steam.

Play as the doctor or the executioner. Redemption has two campaigns: life and death. In the life campaign, you play as a doctor looking to keep their patients alive and healthy, while in the death campaign you must afflict your patient with illnesses and put them in an early grave. The mechanics of Redemption are easy to grasp, but hard to master, so it can be appreciated by casual and experienced players alike.

Each campaign features nine cases with four difficulty levels. The game has over 600 real-life diseases, symptoms, treatments, and medical conditions. Succeeding in cases also wins you credits that reward you with boosters that make it easier to succeed at higher difficulty settings.

Redemption also has online multiplayer where two players, one fighting for life and the other fighting for death, must compete to either save or kill a patient. “The Early Access data has shown an even split of players fighting for death and life in the campaign,” according to J-F Mitchell, president of DryGin Studios. “With the launch of multiplayer versus, we are excited to see the outcome of theses head-to-head battles and know which side will stand.”

Bio Inc. Redemption also features male and female patients with gender-specific illnesses, the sex roulette, cheat codes, and a sandbox mode where you can experiment with treatments at no risk. You can even experiment on famous faces like Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Jesus.

DryGin Studios is a game developer based in Montreal with three titles, with over 17 million mobile downloads. Their Bio Inc. series is their most popular franchise.

The game is available on the Bio Inc. Redemption Steam page for $12.99 / €12.99 / £9.99. More information can be found on Bio Inc. Redemption’s official website.