Turn-based Puzzler Vandals sneaks into April

A stealth puzzler to add to your creative side!

ARTE has announced that Vandals, a turn-based puzzle game will be releasing on Steam, iOS and Android on April 12th, 2018!  Players in Vandals need to sneak past police, cameras and dogs to successfully paint their latest work. Aspiring artists can discover the work of real-life iconic street artists and learn how they have influenced urban culture in some of the most street art-rich cities in the world, including Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Using the games painting tool, players also get to create and share their own masterpieces on social networks. With accessible stealth mechanics and a progressive learning curve, Vandals encourages players to consider each possibility and carefully plan their next move to collect all available bonuses across 60 increasingly challenging levels.

Vandals is being developed by Cosmografik who you may or may not know from their previous game Type: Rider and is being published by European Television network ARTE. ARTE has published a number of games in the last couple of years, the likes of which include Cosmografik’s previous game Type: Rider, Californium, SENS VR and Bury me, my Love. If you are interested in checking the game when it launches in April, you can do so via the Vandals Steam page for €4.49 /£3.99 / $5.49. You can also find the game on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store for the same price.