Arcade planet simulator Keeplanet goes live on Steam

Rule your people and save the universe in Keeplanet Early Access.


Who doesn’t want a chance to rule their own planet? In Keeplanet, that’s precisely what you have to do: look after your inhabitants, defend them from a variety of hazards and above all, make sure your planet keeps spinning! And you have not just one planet, but a whole universe of planets to save in a variety of game modes including a story campaign.

Keeplanet is an arcade minigame, so don’t expect a Spore or Black and White-style micromanagement god simulator. Instead, your planets are 2D cross sections with the outer rim representing their surface. Your main aim is to manage the planets on the level of the solar system, where you must evenly distribute forest, buildings and mountains around the surface or risk upsetting the spinning motion and condemning half of your planet to freeze to death, and the other half to roast in eternal sunlight.

You must also keep an eye out for various intergalactic dangers such as meteors and alien invasion. You can capture the aliens and use a variety of tools to improve the lives of your civilisations and defend them from threats. And you can also turn your planet into the envy of the universe by decorating and expanding it.

Keeplanet is brought to you by Big Game Incubator based in Moscow, Russia. Early reviews have marked it as a fun casual arcade game packing a challenging difficulty level. You can buy it on Steam here where it’s currently on a 40% opening discount.  For more quirky arcade games, check out our article on 5 Cute Games Available on right now.