Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers coming to PS4 and Xbox One

The highly rated deck-building RPG coming to consoles this month.

Monster Slayers is a rogue-like deck-building RPG adventure with an innovative card-based battle system that lets you customize a deck to suit your play style. Create a hero to join the Monster Slayers Guild and choose your path through the perilous Northern Valley as you follow your quest to defeat the legendary Harbinger and become a true Monster Slayer.

Monster Slayers features:

  • Battle undead goblins, lion outlaws, mighty dragons and other monstrous foes using a unique card-based combat system
  • Strategically shape your deck as you acquire new cards from merchants, treasure chests, and allies
  • Collect fame from each run to unlock new abilities that can be used by future heroes
  • Every playthrough is different: levels, enemy encounters and loot are randomly generated
  • 12 different character classes to choose from: Rogue, Ranger, Knight, Barbarian, Cleric, Wizard, Assassin, Beastmaster, Apothecary, Brute, Monk, and Necromancer
  • Recruit companions to join you on your quest and make use of their special abilities
  • Equip your hero with stat-boosting loot to improve the chances of victory
  • Beat the game to unlock the ultimate challenge: Legendary Mode


Monster Slayers launched on Steam in March this year, and has opened to very positive reviews. PS4 owners will be able to join the battle  on the 15th/16th of May (NA/EU), while Xbox One players have to wait a little longer, until the 18th of May. PlayStation Plus members in North America will get a 20% launch discount, whilst Xbox One owners can get the same discount by pre-ordering now. The game will also be coming to PS Vita, however there is no set date as yet.