MODSORK coming to PC and Switch

Challenging arcade game will test players’ dual-wielding skills to interactive music.

In MODSORK you control two avatars at once, trying to survive endless waves of grumpy geometric shapes. Connect your avatars with a laser beam and clothesline everything to score and climb the leaderboard as you tell yourself “just one more try”.

MODSORK is completely tailored around its unique control scheme, the term “twin-stick” has never been more true. It features gesture-driven special abilities reminiscent of fighting game combos. These may initially be harder to pull off than a mundane button press, but feel physically fun to execute on a game controller and reward the player for mastering a cool move with cool consequences.

Many game elements are connected to various rhythms in the game’s music. The music in turn reacts to all sorts of game events. It’s not a typical rhythm-game, however, as players are free to act on their own time. Additionally, the sound effects are part of the procedural music: Explosions, for example, can adapt to whatever chord is playing in the background. When the player picks a musical style from a small selection, many sound effects are replaced by sounds that match the selected style.

MODSORK will be launching on Steam in August, and Switch in the fourth quarter of this year.