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FoxTail gets a big update in Early Access

Retro coming-of-age adventure close to final quality on first chapter.

FoxTail is a classic point-and-click quest that draws inspiration from the adventure games of the mid ‘90s, bringing back those sweet childhood memories of the summer break just starting, watching the sunrise and breathing the cool morning air. But, everything is not as it seems, and this world is full of secrets.

Currently in Early Access FoxTail is newly ruffled with an update to its first chapter, bringing it close to the final game’s quality. A full list of the new content includes:

  • Two additional mini-quests that will immerse you in Leah and her grandfather’s story (this won’t affect the walkthrough of the game and is not required for further playing);
  • More than 600 new phrases and reactions for Leah (for exploring the environment and using items);
  • Dialogs for Grandma and Corsak containing small tips. Now new dialogues will appear for the characters with the game’s progress;
  • New quest entries for the diary (associated with the chest and raspberries).

The game is developed by an independent studio Gingertips, and you can now find FoxTail in Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam, with the full release coming in 2019.