New Sheltered scenario, Stasis, launched today

Huge 75% discount and new free scenario for the survival, base building RPG.

Earth is dying. There will be no recovering from the apocalypse that man has unleashed onto the world. The land is swarming with mutated survivors and wildlife, the weather conditions become more extreme week by week and resources are all but non-existent. Earth is no longer a home, you must reach out to the stars and find a new one…

In Sheltered: Stasis you must find a way to leave your hostile home planet behind you by building and launching a rocket. The scenario will be complete when you gather all the rocket parts and successfully launch, or, if your family perishes. There are eight different endings available for Sheltered: Stasis, depending on the success or failure of your mission.

Sheltered: Stasis is an all new scenario and is free of charge for all players who have purchased Sheltered on Steam, which is now available with a 75% discount until the 8th of October, priced at £2.49.