Physical release of Donut County coming your way this year

PS4 players will be able to get their hands on a limited edition of Donut County soon

Today we hear that Donut County, a story-based physics puzzle game from solo developer Ben Esposito, is going to be getting a limited edition physical PS4 release. Sold by US-based iam8bit, the physical edition will be available region free and limited to only 5000 copies. There is currently no date for this but you can pre-order now direct from iam8bit. Donut County, published by Annapurna Interactive, was released in August 2018 on PC and PS4, and on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in December 2018.

This limited edition of Donut County isn’t the only thing that iam8bit are going to be releasing. They will also be selling copies of the soundtrack of the game on vinyl. The soundtrack was written by Daniel Koestner and consists of lots of chilled and atmospheric music which perfectly compliments the bright colours and clever design of the game. The vinyl limited edition will consist of two LPs and a 48″ pull out jacket showing some of the creative artwork of Lily Nishita.

For those who have not yet played, or even heard of, Donut County, it is a physics-based game where you control as a hole in the ground. The more things you swallow, the bigger you become. A talking raccoon, called BK, works for a company which uses remote-controlled holes to steal peoples trash. Trash, cars,… even houses! But he has somehow managed to fall into one of the holes he was controlling and now must answer to other residents of Donut County who have also found themselves in the hole.

Since the release of the game in 2018, it has received a very positive response from players. It even during its development, Donut County got a lot of attention and recognition. In 2015 it was the IndieCade Story/World Design winner and received nominations at the 2015 Independent Gaming Festival in the Excellence in Visual Art and the Grand Prize categories.

If you want more information about the PS4 physical release, you can head to the iam8bit store now.