Developer Forgotten Key shuts its doors

Sad news for the studio that made AER Memories of Old.

In a Medium post this week, director of the development studio Forgotten Key confirmed that they are henceforth closing their doors. Head of the studio, Robin Hjelte wrote, ”It’s with a heavy heart we have decided to prepare a shutdown of Forgotten Key, the place we have called home for the last 7 years.”

The studio, which was established by Hjelte seven years ago, created the critically acclaimed AER: Memories of Old. The game won multiple awards, capturing the attention of audience for its vivid art style and relaxing flight mechanic.

Hjelte details in the post that the studio had been unable to find another project that would ”fit in with how the market moves” and ultimately that they ”failed to do [this in a] sustainable way”. The studio now plans to release their unfinished demons for free on, including two new games and world that they were working on.

The demos are Down the Well, ”an underground adventure inspired by Scandinavian folklore”, and Vind, ”a narrative flight exploration adventure”. Click on the above links to access the games that might have been. To read Hjelte’s article in full click here.