New Layers of Fear 2 trailer is deliciously spooky

“Time waits for no man,” declares the trailer.

Bloober Team released a new trailer for the chilling upcoming sequel Layers of Fear 2 during PAX South this weekend, and it looks appropriately terrifying, just as you might have imagined.

The trailer, called “Time Waits for No One,” doesn’t offer that many insights into what players can expect, but it does showcase some appropriately spooky footage that fits right into the Layers of Fear universe.

Originally, Layers of Fear 2 was teased as Project Méliès back in March as the codename for the next project from Bloober Team. The original teaser gave us very little to go on in terms of what to expect from the game, but it certainly got us all excited for what was next in terms of the Layers of Fear saga.

The original teaser trailer let us know as well that we’d be seeing a lot of similar scares and tropes to the original, as you played as a tortured artist trying to finish up his masterpiece, all the while slowly losing his grip on sanity. This time around, it looks like you’re playing an actor who also is dealing with mental illness. It’s unclear if or how the game will differ thematically, but judging by what we have to go by so far, it looks like we’ll need to leave a light on after playing this entry.

Are you excited to see what’s around the bend for Layers of Fear 2? Let us know what you can’t wait to see from the game.