The Stillness Of The Wind

The Stillness of the Wind scheduled for February 7th

Fellow Traveller’s follow-up of Where the Goats Are will hit PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Where the Goats Are follow-up The Stillness of the Wind has now an official release date and it’s for February 7th. This game about tending a farm, loss and the small things in life has been praised for its simplicity, sound and visual beauty, as well as its mysterious premise.

In The Stillness of the Wind we’ll take the role of Talma, an old woman who lives alone in the countryside and works day in and day out to grow her crops and breed her animals, all of this while she keeps in touch with her family members, all of whom have abandoned the quiet life and moved on to the city.

But nothing is at it seems in this game. There’s an eerie feeling that something’s going on, something dark and gloomy. The game’s trailer features some quotes from letters that Telma receives that hint at some unspoken tragedy that’s about to happen. “She will come back to us, I know it”, recites a female voice as Telma leaves some flowers on a grave.

The Stillness Of The Wind

We will spend days in the slow, cumbersome shoes of an elderly woman who struggles to keep up with her chores after a lifetime of raising children and reading stories to them at bedtime. We will barter with merchants for supplies and we’ll have to choose wisely how to spend our time and energy during each day.

“Mechanically, it was driven by a desire to create a non-action, non objective-oriented narrative game, which told a small, personal story,” said Cardenas during an interview with Venture Beat. “Probably due to the fact that sometimes it feels like every video game I see nowadays has shooting or fighting in it, and honestly a game where you just look after goats seemed refreshing”, he added.

With a great soundtrack, an intriguing story and soothing gameplay, The Stillness of the Wind should be an interesting title to keep an eye out for if you like narrative-driven, non-linear games. It will be released by indie studio Fellow Traveller on February 7th for PC and Nintendo Switch.