XCOM spiritual successor Phoenix Point delayed

XCOM fans will need to be patient a little while longer. 

If you’re an XCOM fan who’s been waiting around on the spiritual successor Phoenix Point, you’re unfortunately going to be in for a lot more waiting – but it’s all in the name of quality.

The game, which was meant to launch in June, has been pushed back to September. XCOM creator and creative director Julian Gollop took to a video clip to explain the delay, noting that “the extra time will give us the chance to test and polish the gameplay much more extensively.”

“I realize this is going to be disappointing news for a lot of people, and I’m really sorry about it,” Gollop explained in a video update. “We didn’t take this decision lightly, but I think this investment of additional time and resources will help the game live up to your expectations.”

Gollop is the original creator of the XCOM series, so he obviously knows what he’s talking about. Perhaps if the game needs extra polish as the team seems to believe, it’ll simply make its debut as a much more impressive game than it might have been without the additional time in the oven.

We’re still certainly looking forward to seeing what Phoenix Point will look like when it’s finished cooking at long last, so we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s coming down the pipeline as soon as additional details are announced.