The Warsaw announcement trailer will give you chills

War. War sometimes changes.

When a trailer grips your heart, it’s hard to let go. That’s what Warsaw’s trailer did to me, and I’m hoping it’s everything it looks like. Pixelated Milk’s new title is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a ravaged city amidst World War II, blending resource management, recruiting and exploration.

Immersed in aesthetics and mechanics reminiscent of games like Darkest Dungeon, This War of Mine, Valiant Hearts and even Deep Sky Derelicts, Warsaw will put you in command of an army of rebels in Poland’s capital city, also called “accidental heroes” by the developers.

The main gameplay experience will come as missions of varying difficulty against the Nazi occupants, and it will be our responsibility to assemble the best possible teams made out of survivors, refugees and even criminals putting aside their differences for the greater good.


Patrols, combat missions and other types of assignments are part of the repertoire that Warsaw offers the players, as well as gathering and managing resources like food and weapons, scouting for nearby locations and the position of Nazi patrols. Each member of your army will provide its unique abilities and perks to the team as well as knowledge and unique personalities.

Warsaw’s release is scheduled for Q3 2019, and I can’t wait to see if it can provide the same level of emotion and narrative as its reveal trailer, which mixes an amazing art style, spot-on soundtrack and dark, chest-shrinking themes. Think about the combination of the brutal RPG elements from Darkest Dungeon, resource management and unforgiving choice-making like in This War of Mine and a visual style that explores topics like Valiant Hearts. That’s what Warsaw looks like, and that premise is quite exciting to say the least.

Strategic thinking, cold-hearted decisions and a brutal setting configure a more than interesting cocktail and we can’t wait to see how Warsaw pulls it off later this year.