Sable, Raw Fury pubs announce pastel perfect rogue-lite Star Renegades

Rebel with a cause.

Whenever there is an evil force in the sci fi genre, you can rest assured that there will usually be some kind of rebels trying to fight it. Nowhere has a sense of justice or good/evil quite like space. Sure, noone can hear you scream, but everyone can tell if you’re a baddy (Hint: Lose the black cape).

This the case with Raw Fury’s newest acquisition, Star Renegades, an action-packed tactical squad-based rogue-lite RPG that sees you fighting for the very pastel neon land itself. Developed by Massive Damage, the team behind the Halcyon 6 series, Star Renegades has the kind of art style that makes people on twitter fall over, including myself. The pastel pink colour palette is an interesting deviation from the usual blue hues of space operas, perfectly fitting the flush of rebellion against an oppressive foe.

While the game is still in early stages, the team’s dev blogs give a great insight into how the game is beginning to come together. So far we know that the gameplay mixes tactical turn-based battles with a ”procedurally generated and emergent mission-based campaign”. We’re hopeful that this means a strong narrative will accompany the arresting visuals. The game also boasts an ”Intelligent Adversary system” which generates unique bosses and enemies for each new playthrough.

For now the game is not slated for release until 2020, but keep your eyes peeled on Star Renegades Steam page for more updates from the team at Massive Damage.