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Hack and slay the cowboy undead in new Lonesome demo

The Wild West just got a purple paint job.

As always, Twitter is an excellent hotbed for spotting promising games in the early stages of development, and the most eye catching are always those with a unique art style or mechanic. Lonesome, the Wild West RPG from Golden Axe Studios, stands out for both those reasons. Its first demo has released on today.

Lonesome is an RPG set in a purple-shaded Old West, where the dead don’t stay dead, and the plague that causes it keeps on spreading. It uses generated 3D tiles to form the world, each tile snapping into place just as the player gets to the edge of the last. This satisfying process of discovering the environment makes exploration feel rewarding, even in such a minimalist world. The demo also gives the player a taste of the narrative-led quests that see you searching for the source of the plague.

The developers, Golden Axe Games, consist of two best mates from Germany, Tobias Schnackenberg and Dennis Dubiel, who loved RPGs enough to want to make their own. When we spoke to Tobias Schnackenberg, he described how the project began: ”We dreamed of having our own computer game (…) we were friends since 1st grade and started computer gaming a good while ago”, ”I showed my progress to him [Dubiel] and he immediately said that he will join me and we started on developing the game more seriously. We made it public with screenshots and videos in January.”

Find Lonesome’s demo on, where the team are happy to take any suggestions and feedback that come their way. They regularly share screenshots and gifs on their twitter (@lonesomegame).