12 minutes

12 Minutes is like playing through Memento

Can we change our seemingly unavoidable fate? 

Do you know that feeling when you’re watching a movie and suddenly you think to yourself: “Hey, this could totally work as a video game”? There’s a sort of potential you can sense in that film, a deepness in the narrative, a not-yet-born interactivity.

Whoever watched 28 Days Later knows what I mean. That movie could’ve totally be a video game. The exploration, combat and survival-horror elements were there. If only…

Another one was Memento, a neo-noir psychological thriller about a man looking for his wife’s murderer, stuck in a time-loop caused by his short-term memory disability. And now Annapurna Interactive has announced 12 Minutes, a game that puts us in a similar position. And it seems it’s gonna be great.

12 minutes

A playable demo was available at this year’s E3 and what we were able to see really promises to be pretty cool. The story is simple: we play as a man who arrives home after work to his beloved wife. A quiet night awaits, but a knock on our door changes everything.

A policeman joins the scene and we learn that our wife is suspected of a murder that took place more than 10 years ago. The detective moves in to arrest her and we’re knocked out on our feet. Time resets and the sequence starts over. Now, how can we change this sequence through the next timeline?

12 Minutes offers a deep exploration and trial-error methodologies even with a very restricted world: a small house with just one bedroom. Every item allows us to test different interactions and ways of using them. Combine timing and creativity and we might just solve this intricate puzzle.

It seems that 12 Minutes might nail this experience, for the looks of it, and I’ll be personally looking forward to its release at some point in early 2020 for Xbox One and PC.