The 10 Daily Dose posts you loved most this year

Look we rhymed. 

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In the last post for the year, we take a look back at the 10 most popular Daily Dose posts in 2019, and boy, do you guys like horror games and trailers.

1. Hideo Kojima’s favourite game of the last 5 years is an indie

Putting Hideo Kojima – the developer of games like Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding – in any headline is sure to snap a few heads in your direction, and why not when he says so many peculiar and wonderful things.

In this post we delved into Kojima’s assertion that it was the indie game Inside that topped his best-of list: “My all time best games are Super Mario Bros., Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken (The Portopia Serial Murder Case), XEVIOUS and Outer World (Another World in Japan). The game I like most from the past five years is Inside“.

Creepy indie game is enjoyed by video game auteur who makes big open-world creepy game? What a plot twist. But in all seriousness, what a great shout-out for an indie by someone with such a big platform. Wait until he discovers Overcooked.

2. Terrifying horror The Beast Inside now has a public demo

The Beast Inside

We all love a public demo. With these little snippets of game in our hot little hands, we get a chance to get a valuable insight into a new game, and what a game this one is.

The Beast Inside is a “gripping twist on thriller and survival horror”, which sounds to me like a whole lot of running away. Using limited weapons and solving tricky riddles, you must fight the enemies of this lush and scary world. Or, just find a good place to hide.

The demo is still available, but since our post, The Beast Inside has been released! You can get it now on Steam.

3. Adam – Lost Memories is true, unforgiving fear

Adam – Lost Memories is a psychological horror about being afraid, and it instantly caught our attention. Published on itch.io, the game’s interactive narrative delved deep into what it really means to be scared of life itself.

The stunning game includes puzzles to complete within its fully interactive physics-based world, but mostly its an experience in fear. We’re not surprised it caught your attention, as it certainly did ours. Adam – Lost Memories is available on itch.io and is currently in the Holiday sale.

4. Flemish horror Brukel really is based on a true story

Brukel is one of those little unique gems that pops up on your radar throughout the game release year. It’s story, based on the true events of the game designer’s grandmother’s life, takes us through the traumas that are hard to forget, as we explore her childhood home.

Spoken in Flemish but with English subtitles, this is a game you absolutely need to go find out more about. Maybe start by reading our post. Or go take a look at its itch.ip page.

5. New Layers of Fear 2 trailer is deliciously spooky

We just rewatched this and yes, it is as scary as we remember. But guess what? The game’s also out now, so you can actually experience these spooks for yourself.

When we reviewed it in May we gave it a very solid 8/10, so you were all very wise in keeping abreast of this one. We said: “Layers of Fear 2 feels fresh. It is always tense and captivating and there’s a human story behind the curtain of the initial premise. The constant claustrophobic foreboding, the terrific blend of styles and its thought-provoking storytelling make this a cerebral, artisanal horror experience filled with suspense and, surprisingly, beauty.”

To go get Layers of Fear 2 in the Steam Winter sale, you can follow this lil linky-link.

6. Dawn of Man announced

And here’s another game that we teased, you liked and has since been released, and what good taste you all have again.

Dawn of Man sees you guiding the first modern humans as they work out how to live, how to hunt and how to use their hands properly. When we reviewed it later in the year we gave Dawn of Man a healthy 8/10. We concluded: “Overall, Dawn of Man is a well-developed survival city-builder with the necessary tools to keep you invested and coming back for more. (…) If you want to spend time building and developing your own civilization through the ages, don’t hesitate to give Dawn of Man a try.”

You can get Dawn of Man now on Steam.

7. New Trailer for Infliction looks genuinely horrifying

Oh hey guys, looks like you really enjoyed this horror game trailer, how very on-brand of you. Infliction went in for a lot more of traditional scares in its announcement trailer; there’s an ominous floating knife, a lot of bloody scenes and a scream, really what more can you ask for?

Infliction is actually already out on PC, but this new trailer was here to highlight its descent onto consoles, which it actually still hasn’t done yet. It’s due to land on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on 25 February 2020, but until then, you can still get pretty scared on PC.

8. The Warsaw announcement trailer will give you chills

While some games give us the spooks, this trailer for Warsaw got us feeling pretty on edge. Its the kind of impactful trailer you can only get in narratives that seriously look at periods of conflict. Warsaw is a turn-based tactical RPG that sees you leading a revolution, and it has now been released on Steam.

The narrative takes us to war-torn Warsaw, where the beautiful hand painted graphics illustrate the emotional and gripping story. Find out more about it in our post.

9. This sci-fi sex game gathered £1.5M on Kickstarter


This one was somewhat predictable. You put the word sex in a title and you’re bound to get a few clicks. Apparently the developers of Subverse were aware of that too because they absolutely smashed it with their kickstarter for their tit-centric space game.

Back in May, we wrote: “I’m just shocked that so many people decided to throw their money into this project that only seems to offer big digital boobs as a reward.” We still are. To find out more about Subverse, go have a look at their Kickstarter page.

10. RimWorld developer reveals the game could have been very different

Last but absolutely not least, is our chat with developer Tynan Sylvester, creator of Rimworld. When Rimworld was named the highest player reviewed game on Steam for 2018, we knew we had to grab a few words with him, and it seems like you were all pretty interested too.

Rimworld’s community only seems to get bigger and bigger each year, and this was a valuable insight where it all began. To find out more about Rimworld visit it on Steam, but go read out chat with the man himself.

That’s all folks! A whole year of daily posts from yours truly and a selection of other fantastic individuals. In the new year we’ll keep working on all the posts you love, so watch this space, you filthy animals.

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