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Zombie Army 4 Is Out, Here’s What The Reviews Say

They mostly come at night, mostly

Zombie Army 4 is finally out, and while you might already be ready to play it, it’s always good to get a feel for what the critics think in general. While we didn’t get the chance to review the game ourselves, we certainly like the look of this undead slaying shooter. It looks like, for the most part, it plays nearly as good as it looks too. If you’ve not had a look yet, then you should check out our list of the 5 things you should know about Zombie Army 4. That way you’ll get why we’re so excited.

It’s currently sitting with a Metacritic score of 71, which the site describes as mixed, but it has a fair few very positive reviews as well as a couple of rather disappointed ones. Of course, games don’t always appeal to everyone, and that’s part of what makes taking a look at the wider opinions in general so worthwhile. Here is a list of just some of the reviews and the scores they gave:

Scores across the board there, there are loads of other reviews up on Metacritic, of course, so this is just a handful. It seems as though Zombie Army 4 is probably an excellent choice for those of us that like something a bit (I’d say excuse the pun, but I’d be lying) brainless. There’s no harm in that though, get a few friends together and go and shoot up all the zombie nazis if it tickles your fancy, you can read all the reasons either way in these reviews.