Windbound Looks A Breath Of The Wild Survival Game


A first impression is something that can’t be redone. That’s one of the reasons it’s said to be so important. That doesn’t just apply to people either, but games, books, films, and basically everything else. Well, Windbound certainly makes a very good first impression. Its visual style screams Breath of the Wild at you, and its gorgeous trailer is sure to grab the attention of anybody that sees it. Of course, there’s a lot more to a good game than just graphics, and it looks like Windbound could be stunning at every level.

You play as someone called Kara, and you’ve been separated from your fleet while out at sea. It’s not ideal, but it makes for good a good video game setting. You’ll have to survive on the islands you’ve landed on, and that means trying to make tools, find food, and try and figure out how to get off of these islands. Naturally, all is not as it seems, and as you get past the initial need to survive, you’ll start to find mysteries that relate to the history of your people.

You’ll need to use every iota of your wits to not only survive, but uncover the deeper meanings behind everything you find on these islands. Plus, you’ll get to sail around on a boat that you’ve made from scratch. It’s an incredibly pretty game, but it also sounds like it could be an incredibly fun one too. We’ll find out more when it launches on August 28th.