Serious Sam 4 Is Set Free In September

More like Silly Sam, amirite? 

It’s weird how a single sound can be so rooted in your memories that it instantly casts you into your own memories upon hearing it. If you’ve played any of the Serious Sam games, then the bombers than run towards you screaming (despite a lack of a head), will instantly send you back to when you first played it. For me, it’s around fifteen years ago with my brothers and I all sat around a GameCube laughing maniacally at this absurd FPS game.

Fast forward to today, and while the best of consoles might not be as viable anymore, I’m sure there will be plenty of people just like me waiting to sink their teeth into some more absurdity. Serious Sam 4 is releasing on September 24th. It’s a sequel to the series and has the titular hero fighting back against Mental’s hordes as they invade our world. If we’re being honest, the story is irrelevant.

The important thing about Serious Sam 4 is that it has way too many aliens to attack, and absurd weapons to fight back with. That is, really, what the series has always been about. It’s a throwback to the olden days of FPS gaming, but it’s one that’s never taken itself too seriously. It’s the kind of fire and forget gameplay that can consume large chunks of your time. Not only that, but you should probably just let it. Lean into the chaos. There’s no need to be so serious, just shoot your chainsaw launcher and relax.