Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Is A Modern Jet Set Radio

Get set radio?

Jet Set Radio was great. It’s one of those games that sticks out in the mind of all who played it, and everyone thinks of it fondly. Whether you loved the art style, the fact that you were fighting the power, the exceptional soundtrack by Hideki Naganuma, or just the gameplay, there was something for everyone. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk looks so much like JSR, and honestly, yes, thanks.

Aside from the way it looks, we don’t really know much about Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. It’s set in the future, presumably, as everyone has boostpacks, which seem to allow them to perform absurd tricks. Other than that, you see, to be doing a lot of the same stuff you did in Jet Set Radio. That’s enough for a lot of people though, because aside from Jet Set Radio Future, which was also great, we’ve not had a fix of anything like it since. It’s the kind of game that just hasn’t been mimicked, and while that might have been for a number of reasons up until now, I’m incredibly glad that we’re getting Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

There are two incredibly cool questions that have been answered on the Steam page. Well, there are two incredibly cool answers. The first is about multiplayer “The experience is focused on single-player, no further comment as of yet.” That gives me hope for something amazing in the future, but is also good to know that they’re not overstretching. The second is the release date “Not this year, it’s unlucky.”

Well, they’re not wrong.