path of calydra

The Path Of Calydra Looks Absolutely Magical

Imaginative games are always so damn wonderful. Now, most games are imaginative, obviously, but I’m talking about the fantastical ones, the ones full of colour and vibrancy, the ones that look like a toddler’s colouring book come to life. Worlds full of impossible creatures, vision-altering colour schemes, and the impossible, are always a joy to explore. You want to bathe in them, soak up every little bit of joy they exude and just sit with it.

Well, The Path of Calydra is definitely one of those games, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. You play as a boy called Matheus who feels out of sorts at school and just wants to escape. Thankfully, a being called Calydra appears before you and offers you a chance to escape to a world full of magic and the unnatural. Because school can suck for kids, Matheus jumps at the chances and goes through into this new world with no hesitation, and that’s where the story begins.

At its core, The Path of Calydra is a 3D platformer. It looks like it’s got some elements of Kameo within it, as well as some classic 3D adventuring. That means you’ll gain abilities as you go, have to fight monsters, and no doubt become increasingly powerful before returning home with newfound confidence to karate kick your bullies in the face. There’s no release date as of yet, but the game is listed on Steam. I think it’ll be a next-gen console game though, but I’m always happy to be proven wrong. Well, not always happy.